You B*****d or the delights of Heroic Stonecore and how I gained a camel.

It’s been frighteningly quiet over the holiday period. But we’ve still managed to fit in a few heroics, and enjoy the challenges. Last night, last night however, we finally entered Heroic Stonecore….

My first opionion of it stayed throughout. That place is a pugkiller. The Cata version of Halls of Reflection. We struggled with the first boss, we REALLY struggled with Ozruk until everything clicked into place. Getting your head around the fact that you need to reflect damage onto yourself was fun. Although we did also find out to Colt’s consternation that it’s an arcane mage’s nightmare.  He’s been spending the morning sorting out alternative specs for that one.

From a healing perspective, I had most difficulty with the LoS during the dragon scrap.

But we got there, we did it with a lot of perserverance. And a LOT of relief that it was over!  And it meant I not only got my Exalted with Ramahken, but the reputation achievement for the  guild too. And I promptly flew off and got myself two camels. Which I have called YouB*****d 1 and 2, in honour of both Pratchett and Ozruk.

On a completely different note, we had a goodbye from a guildie on the forum today. It was something I’d been sort of expecting for months, and was always pleasantly surprised they’d not transferred off before now. But they’ve now gone.

I always find it difficult when people go – not so much the ones that don’t fit us but the ones who we don’t fit, if that makes any sense. The ones for whom this isn’t what they want. I guess that it’s down to me, wondering if we could have made any difference, if anything’s up that we can fix. Trouble with looking at myself first when something’s wrong is that it’s hard to realise that no, it may well not be me directly, but other things. And I guess it’s that when people go, it’s when we first realise something wasn’t right, by which time we can’t address the problem. And I guess a guild isn’t going to be perfect for everyone all the time. And we’re not going to be able to change for people all the time, just to keep them there.  I’m getting used to it, but it’s still meh….

It’s worrying me particularly because I’m looking at who we’ve got, and what make up we need for raiding, and we’re pretty short on dedicated healers. In fact we’re frighteningly short of them. One of them went dps, and has since left. I’m itching to get us all raiding again, the pause since Cata came out, and the holiday period is making me a bit stir crazy for it.

Ah well. On the bright side, I’ve got a camel!


2 Responses to You B*****d or the delights of Heroic Stonecore and how I gained a camel.

  1. Scraddog says:

    camels are good 🙂

    Welcome to Stonecore, please leave your sanity at the door as we prepare you for whats comming later……

    a four phase boss fight with the phases overlapping and the order being determined at random.

    Blizz have in my view done a good job with the instances even if we now are at just about the point where our best CC is Cleave.

    The new Patch will change a lot of classes so you should have a better time of things.

    • nowiamtree says:

      I must admit I’m very much enjoying things not being a faceroll! I’ve been sticking with guild runs, and I’m getting into the swing of it, healing’s become such a new flavour and has made me realise that I’m most definitely a lifestyle healer!

      Will be looking forward to the new patch, I believe rejen will be a bit lower on the mana slurpage.

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