All by myself….

Okay, that sounds a lot worse than it could be. It’s not as bad as it sounds. Except that I’m feeling a pang of what had been, compared to what is not, what has now become completely impractical.

Levelling alongside someone.

I played my little pally a few days ago, and got 2 levels in a very short time indeed. A combination of heirlooms, guild XP boosts, and well…one and two shotting everything in sight – and yes, I was on level for them. Combine that with no real group quests, and you’ve got a lonely levelling process. Because no one will really want/need to group with you during that time.

And that makes me a sad tree. One of the things I very much enjoyed was the levelling process with a friend. We could discover things together, one of us invariably spotting something the other had missed. But we discussed it, and I can understand perfectly why levelling with someone has not got that draw any longer.

I’m in a strange place in WoW at the moment. Part of me misses the gentle RP that I found in LotRO, not long convoluted planned out stories, with almost scripted roles, but genuinely impromptu reacting to situations. I’m finding it harder to do in WoW. It’s a combination of things really. For example, I was stopped recently by a little dwarf who said hello, asked how I was, and I was all ready to reply when he followed up with “10 gld plze for mount?”. My heart sank. I said no, and walked away, a little bit of me curled up inside, crying.

I don’t feel the pull of immersion into a world, where I’m not questing as such, but running heroics, and there’s a huge chunk of me that says “You’re a raider now”, and suddenly I find I’ve inadvertantly fallen into that hideous trap of “Raider or RPer, but not both”. And it’s completely of my own doing.  I don’t think I’d mind so much, but I’ve not done any table top for a long, long time now, and I miss playing a different character, someone whose shoes I can step into and be someone different for a little while.

I’ve kind of killed off that part of me. Went through a point where I figured it wouldn’t be missed, that RP is kind of stupid when you don’t get the chance, and you’re A Raider. So I deflected any opportunities away, because it Was Stupid, and rather than go with it, I’d make a joke, avoid the opportunity. My suspension of disbelief was suspended.

So now here I am, faced with having to level characters by myself thanks to the new “improved” game mechanics, which takes away any more opportunities of RP, and any potential interactions with people unless you now go for the LFD option.  And I think to myself….is this what MMOs should really be like? A game where we “interact” with other people but are, all, when not instanced together, essentially alone?

Someone pass me the agricultural tools, I need to dig myself out of the hole I made for myself….






2 Responses to All by myself….

  1. Tanyanka says:

    *handing a shovel* *pointing to the red blinking light*
    I think you need to go 10 steps north to start digging, then the light will blink green.

    (sorry, couldn’t resist. digging instantly triggered Archeology ;-))

    Don’t be sad. Keep in mind that this is still the beginning of this expansion. Everything is still new and exciting and I would think people simply forget about roleplaying because they are destracted by all the excitement. I would assume that once things cool down, people will resume roleplaying. I’ve come across quite a few quests that basically scream for some roleplaying action to go with. (partying on the boat in Thousand Needles comes to mind…)
    I agree that levelling with someone is great – but sometimes it’s even better to level alone in your very own rythm. Aidan and I very often just sit next to each other, each doing their own thing. But every now and then we would poke each other exitedly and go “look! look! that is so funny!” So we’re still sharing the experience in a way, but differently.
    Do I make any sense?
    What I’m trying to say is: Don’t be sad! 🙂

    • nowiamtree says:

      Argh! The green light, it lies to me, it LIES!

      Yes, you make a lot of sense – I think it’s because I’m used to levelling with someone that I find the lack of group quests saddening, that the fun we have had discovering things that way has been limited. But there are a lot of other things out there, I know this. I guess I was just being nostalgically melancholy for those times!

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