What social responsibility REALLY means.

Tobold talks about social responsibility

I don’t see social responsibility as being more tanks and healers required in game. Far from it. I see social responsibility as being people not griefing tanks and healers, because they’re the front line targets, and easiest to blame when Things Go Wrong. I talked about PUG horror stories the other day, and why I, as a healer, am not putting myself in the firing line.

It’s not about needing more tanks/healers because they’re so low in numbers. It’s because they’re the ones who get the blame first and foremost.  It’s about changing the attitudes to how we speak to strangers in PUG groups. It’s about looking at ourselves first and foremost when things go wrong. It’s about people ENJOYING what they do.

I would sooner wait 40 minutes for a tank, who is happy to be a tank, and is GOOD at what they do, than have a number of people who don’t like tanking but fo it because their LFD queue is shorter. I heal. I guess I’m a lifestyle healer because it’s what I LIKE. I like looking after people. Someone who’s doing it purely because they think it’s required might discover they like it sure, but the chances are that they find healing a chore. If I were DPS, I’d prefer the wait and have someone who cares doing the job.

I don’t want to heal because I’m being guilted into it. I want to play this game the way I want to play it, I pay for it, it’s my relaxation.

So don’t say it’s all about social responsibility and put the blame onto the low number of tanks and healers. Let’s sort out the problems that the current ones have with PUG groups, let’s sort out the attitude of people towards them. Less of the lolfailn00b please, give them some patience, be polite to them, don’t show them up in partychat as lolfail. Pointers where pointers are due.

And tanks, healers that means we don’t give DPS grief either, because it’s a Two Way Thing.

So. Long story short? Our first and foremost social responsibility is BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER.


And then we might find tanks and healers willing to PUG once more.



3 Responses to What social responsibility REALLY means.

  1. Rem says:

    I was on my mage in her low 60ies in an Outland dungeon. The tank was rather slow and the rest was rather impatient, complete with “gogogogo” and “pull pls”. I asked people politely to please let the tank pull at her own pace. They said it’s too slow and boring and one remarked, I quote: “I fail to sleep”. Resisting the urge to suggest medication for that problem, I pointed out that everyone was new at some point, and suggested that we might be in the company of someone who is new to tanking and considering 40 minute queues are even more boring we might want to show some patience. “Point taken,” one of the others remarked and the tank was left to pull at her speed (which was, admittedly, very much on the slow side of things).

    • nowiamtree says:

      Thank you – this is exactly the sort of attitude required towards tanks and healers if we’re going to lower waiting times.

      For myself, I recall the instance I chose to tank the Brewfest boss with strangers. Mostly it was okay and I enjoyed the experience of tanking. But I put my tank aside following the time I zoned in, and someone higher level, higer gear was playing dps. I had all threat ripped off me, couldn’t regain control, and received a “nice tanking not lol” from them in party. As far as I’m concerned they deserve every long second of their 40 minute wait in a dps queue for those kind words of support to a newish tank.

  2. adgamorix says:

    I’m with you – I tank and heal becuase I love it. I started tanking in MC, and have done that or healed all the way through. I’ve dabbled in DPS, but push come to shove – I heal or tank. I do a few randoms just for the sake of randoming and seeing how things go – but what I can’t stand is the player who either a) doesn’t listen or b) doesn’t bother to tell you they’ve never been there before and then stands in the bad.

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