The real reason for needing a sea turtle mount….

You can make them eat gnomes.


If you’ve got one, try it. First, take your gnome, baste slightly with a spiced oil….oops, wrong blog…..

So there’s this bug in The Throne of the Tides which allows you mount on the lift, and someone else can then mount your already mounted mount. Got that?


Here’s a pictoral example.

Bosslady being serious for a change

And another.

Serious business is serious.

But then, if you’re lucky enough to have a sea turtle mount, like I was, you can bring it out and lure someone into mounting up. Curious gnome mages are particularly susceptible to being lured.

This won't hurt a bit.

And then I hit space bar, and the turtle’s head sucked into the shell, and along with it went the mage. All nicely vanished. I don’t have any pictures of that sadly. Maybe next time.

Downside is that he returned when the turtle stuck his head back out.

But I’m still wondering where the mage fitted? Maybe it’s like a TARDIS under that shell…? Answers on a postcard please!













One Response to The real reason for needing a sea turtle mount….

  1. theanorak says:

    You can also fit an entire paladin under there!

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