Day 2 – Why I decided to start a blog

I’ve actually been blogging, albeit on a personal level, since 2001.

A very good real life friend of mine sent me her LiveJournal link, and I signed up for it there and then. I’m rather glad I did, for I’ve kept it though the years. Looking back, it’s quite something to see how I’ve grown since those first unsteady entries. Some of the posts have been mundane, everyday items, others more memorable for both good and bad reasons. And I intend to keep it as long as the dinosaur that is LJ exists!

I also love the LJ communities. They’re informative, supportive, and fascinating to read.

It reminds me of the WoW blogosphere.

So why the WoW blog, when I already had a blog?

Quite simply, I found I had a lot I wanted to say and share. I wanted to chart my experiences in game, state my opinions, blog about those incidents in-game that are amusing, or grr, or make you want to punch the air. And needless to say I was greatly inspired by the existing WoW blogs out there.

However, I didn’t want to bore my lovely non-WoW playing friends with my WoW ramblings. So I initially set up a second LJ account, by the name of Now_i_am_tree, before someone else suggested WordPress or Blogger. And I moved over to WordPress, after an initial look at Blogger. And so here I am!


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