Day 3 – My first day playing WoW

Friday, 12th June, 2009. In Berlin. Early afternoon. The balcony windows were open, and we could hear birds in the garden. The three of us were huddled over the one pc.

We’d gone to Berlin to see Depeche Mode play that week, and to finally catch up in real life with Rem.  It had been a long time since the husband and I had been abroad together. About 10 years in fact. In Paris. On our honeymoon.

So, after several busy days filled with checking Berlin out, traipsing around the zoo (we didn’t find the Famous polar bear or elephants due to lack of map!), an evening at perhaps the best gig I’ve ever been to, visiting the awesome Pergamon Museum (I demanded we do this, as I wanted to see the Ishtar Gate),  filling our suitcases with high-end chocolate, and stuffing ourselves silly, we finally had a Quiet Afternoon at Rem’s place.

LotRO had lost its enchantment, and we wanted more. He’d persuaded us to at least have a look at WoW, and had signed up for a trial account. We spent that afternoon creating characters, and each loading them for  a little play. I wasn’t sure, initially. The graphics were so….cartoony compared to LotRO. It was all so strange…..yet some of the aspects seemed familiar. The layout wasn’t so offputting, the chat boxes, etc….there was a slight familiarity about things, enough for me not to feel completely new.  I rolled a druid. A long haired druid. And it became the basis for me, for my real main, which I rolled up on that Sunday at home on my own trial account. We ordered our copies that Monday.

I don’t remember the day I first started playing LotRO. But then I wasn’t in a foreign country, where everything was new and shiny and wonderful to me.  So it seems only fitting that I discovered a new and shiny and wonderful (at least for me) game when I was there.  Such innocent times.


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