Day 4 – My best WoW memory

This one’s a hard one. For me the game seems to be made up of the sum of parts and I have so many wonderful memories out there.

Was it the Murloc quest that had me laughing so much with their little “lalala” sounds, and the underpants of the costume? The first raid Enthu went on – Naxx, and we were undermanned…..Or our first defeat of the Lich King?

I find this struggle to find a “best” memory more difficult than I thought. Were someone to ask me about my best memory in LotRO it would undoubtedly be the night 6 of us took down the Balrog in the Rift on level – and I won the sword from that run, which stood proudly in my little Celondim garden.

But WoW? Hmmm….there’ve been lots of little moments. And while the Lich King defeat was a high moment indeed, it had been shadowed by a lot of drama beforehand, and it was a struggle to get a team together for it.

Which is odd. Because in LotRO I was troubled by people who wanted the glory of raiding, but didn’t want to put in the work for it. Even though we’d given them the opportunities.  It felt very much that they simply didn’t want me to run with friends in different kinships, but thought I should remain faithful to my kin, and hang around waiting to do the things with them that they wanted to do. When we offered raiding it was usually declined. Yet the Balrog memory is one I still treasure.

So….again I wonder why I have no “best” memory of WoW at the moment. Perhaps it’s because it offers far more endgame than LotRO did, and I’ve got so much choice.  Or perhaps my best memory is yet to come? I’d like to think the latter.

But…I will post a link to my victory over Arthas post. As it’s quite high up on the good memories times!


One Response to Day 4 – My best WoW memory

  1. Joe says:

    most epic after takedown woots i’ve heard in a long time :p

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