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It’s been a bit quiet of late. I know I’ve not updated for a while. Couple of reasons for that. One, I’m stuck on the favourite items day of Saga’s challenge – I’ll get there, I promise! And two, because real life is flinging fun times at me.

And yes, they’re really fun times.

I’ve sort of semi-defected from one of our raid nights because the husband, bless him, listened to my pining for learning to dance the Argentinian tango….And went out, and googled, and lo, found a class that takes people with two left feet! And so last Thursday we went out and had an absolute blast. Admittedly we didn’t dance together for most of it – and I preferred having a partner who knew what he was doing – but we both came out of it feeling like we’d enjoyed ourselves and we both intend to go back. It also means that I need to find shoes with appropriately high heels….oh, such hardship…..

Why the Argentinian tango?

I blame it on The Addams Family.

After all, given the choice of Gomez or Heigan, who would YOU choose?!






4 Responses to Me /dance

  1. Rem says:

    I always loved the tango scenes from True Lies (here the closing one), complete with an Arnie who, because he IS Arnie, totally makes us believe his character is a world class tango dancer, despite his main skill displayed being … to stand there and not to fall over.

    And, really, any activity that requires you to buy new shoes is already worthwhile. Did I mention I’d need another pair of shoes if I get that new job I’m after?

  2. Sherise says:

    1. Me and Dilly were discussing that movie a couple of days ago, and couldn`t remember at all what it was called. Huge thanks, Rem!

    2. I demand pictures of new shoes. Or a video of Colt and Alquiel dancing. Either is fine. Just edit away any nipples please.

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