*gazes sadly at the doors of the Pink Pigtail Inn*

When I was 12 I went on holiday to some seaside resort with my parents. As an only child I’d learned quickly enough to read. That holiday I took Watership Down with me, a complex but satisfying volume.

It was the first book that made me cry. Tears streamed down my face as I read the end page.

On Monday, those words made me cry again. When I read them at Pink Pigtail Inn, along with Larisa’s farewell.  I don’t think she’ll ever quite know what an inspiration she’s been to us, what a delightful and pleasant inn she has kept over the years. Larisa’s writing have always been the number one in the blogosphere for me, she’s been such a cheerful and wonderful soul.

I’ll leave it there. With copy of a post (because the links seem to be infested with gremlins for me recently!) I made about one of her replies to a comment that made me smile.  Words that I didn’t want to forget.


Larisa’s Pink Pigtail Inn was the first real WoW blog I got into reading. She kept me inspired at one point last year. She always writes thoughtful posts.

And today she made me smile warmly with a reply to my comment at her last post. One which I felt which needed to fly free and touch others out there.

We have all those different sides inside us. We’re like the sunshine broken into a crystal, creating all sorts of colors and patterns. It’s all there as a potential. Some of us grab it, embracing the “childish” impulses as well as the “adult”. But not everyone can grasp that.

How beautiful is that?!

Here’s to those of you who do, and for those of you who don’t I shall personally insist on blowing bubbles with me, if we ever meet up!


9 Responses to *gazes sadly at the doors of the Pink Pigtail Inn*

  1. Sephrenia says:

    Pssst – the link doesn’t work 🙂

    Totally agree with the sentiments of the post though. A sad day for WOW blogging indeed.

  2. Larísa says:

    Awww… thank you.

    Yes, that ending tears me up too. But it’s still hopeful, isn’t it? I haven’t yet fully stretched out with my new non-blogging body, but I’ve got the feeling that there’s a lot out there to discover, things I haven’t really had the time and energy to explore, being soo wrapped up in the blogging thing.

    Thank you being one of those reocurring, supporting visitors of the inn. I will keep all those comments and kind words close to my heart and pick them up and remember them in dark times.


    • Alq says:

      It is indeed hopeful – a new start, a freedom from the old, and exciting things ahead. And I think that was one of the reasons I cried at it too. I can’t tell you how much I wish you good things for the future, because I don’t have the words right now. But from what you have said over the time, I can see it’ll be an wonderful adventure!

      *hugs* And one last thing, if, by some strange chance, I am ever in your part of the world, it would be my pleasure to buy you a drink for real!

      • Larísa says:

        That would be lovely! You have my e-mail, just give me a poke if your journeys will bring you to this far distant corner of the world.

  3. Andy says:

    Any idea what Larisa’s new blog is called?

    If I recall its about movies.


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