Like butter over too much bread….and the red is back….


I’ve not posted in a while. Mostly because I’ve been going through a difficult WoW period. Things have changed – not for the worst, but it’s been tricky. My RL and very good friend departed for Rift. And it felt strange without them, we’d started the guild together, we always adventured together, and I felt sort of lost.

I’m no raid leader, I couldn’t take up the reins. We were short of people for a variety of reasons, raid-wise. Thankfully we have a good set of people who live up to the guild name, so Theanorak took up the challenge, and has stepped in for some damned fine occifering, admin and Sorting Stuff Out. And a wonderful Many-Alts-Person who put Guild A in touch with Guild B which meant filling spaces up with people who want to raid.

I also ended up purchasing Rift, following falling down a fairy well on the Guardian side during a second trial weekend. It amused me, and lots of little things won me over. Long story short, I ended up playing far more Rift than WoW, and realised that for the first time in ages, I was actually playing a game for myself once more. I wasn’t watching out for little issues, I wasn’t keeping an eye on things, I was just getting to play and I’d forgotten what that was like. It felt good. I realised that I’d done the GM thing long enough.

I’d made mistakes – trying to please everyone, for a start. We had our ups and downs, our dramas, and our successes. But it takes its toll on a body. And Enthusiasm’s evolved to meet needs. I’ve done my bit in getting Enthusiasm on its feet at the start, searching daily for recruits, sorting out things, keeping an eye on things. But, for me, it’s time to sit back.

So today I posted the post on the forum.

I’ve asked our guild for nominations for a new GM. I know who I would like to see take the role, and I suspect that my feelings are the same throughout the guild. It’s time Enthu moved forward with new folk at the helm. And with new folk bursting with Enthusiasm themselves – yes, we’re looking for recruits, if you’re interested!

As for me?

I’m not retiring from WoW, I’m having a breather, space for myself. And something symbolised that for me yesterday. I found the dye vendor and dyed my armour red. You see,Β  I used to wear red in LotRO – I was a scholar, and it was pretty much my loremaster’s signature colour. So it was lovely to be back in the red once again. A coming round full circle to a time when I played a game for myself once more.

And that’s what I intend to do.


5 Responses to Like butter over too much bread….and the red is back….

  1. tapka Coltsfoot says:

    You probably haven’t noticed, ’cause the dye doesn’t take very well on chainmail, but Vesperian is now in yellow. I still have fond memories of Captn Coltsfoot’s Bananaman outfit!

  2. Pilfkin says:

    I’m happy bouncing between both and having end-game aspirations in neither! Some things I think Rift does well, some WoW does well – I’m not up for making comparisons or saying that one is intrinsically ‘better’ than the other!

    But I would suggest (and I’m sure you know, as evidenced by the final couple of paragraphs of your post) that if RL is kicking your ass having some time out from being ‘responsible’ in game helps a lot.

    Chin up sweetie, and make sure you have fun, whether that’s in Azeroth or Telara isn’t important!

    • Alq says:

      It’s good! Am enjoying the game at the moment, and relaxing, not worrying about things too much. I’m such a sucker for a pretty game!

  3. Scraddog says:

    It’s the norm for people to take a break from a game for a while especially when they have been a GM/raid leader etc.

    A change is good for you and will in the end enable you to recharge your batteries and in my view the more of these games you play the better you become at playing them.

    As long as you leave on good terms and there is no drama over you trying something different then it’s all good.

    Me I’m patiently waiting for SWTOR along with just about all of my current raid guild as I feel a change of genre is required or I would just slide back to playing DDO for a few months.

    The key thing is to have fun in what you are doing and when it stops being fun then do something else πŸ˜€

  4. Joe says:

    Huge hugs to you!

    Let us know how rift goes, so tempted to have a look myself πŸ˜€

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