RIFT- it’s all pants, really!

A few nights ago I was playing my lovely red-garbed cleric when I bumped into my husband’s mage in Meridian. He’d taken a good time over his new wardrobe outfit too. Except that my cleric was dressed head to foot in decently covering chain mail, while his was merrily sporting a cropped top and a pair of skimpy panties that pass muster as “armour”.  Whereupon we were joined by Rem’s mage, clad in a more respectable tunic and stockings, and he did a little double take at the husband’s choice.

We giggled about it for a while, and both of us teased the hubby’s character, as you do. And  then we went off to adventure a few moments later, Rem changing over to his no-nipples-please-I’m-a-serious-warrior.

While Rem was relogging, I sent the hubby’s mage a pair of mage stat pants that had dropped. He noticed he had mail, and queried what I’d sent him.

“It’s some trousers” I replied innocently, and he hooted with laughter, and asked if I was trying to hint at him to put on something a little less revealing.

Then he nearly fell off his chair with further laughter, as he examined the trousers I’d sent his scantily clad lady. I was puzzled. And he laughed even more.

“Have you seen them?!” he queried. I shook my head. “Look,” said he, shoulders still shaking. And I did. And promptly nearly fell off my chair laughing too.

I kid you not, the damned things were skimpier than the ones we’d seen him wearing!


3 Responses to RIFT- it’s all pants, really!

  1. Pilfkin says:

    Heh, I feel your pain! My sanity (and my modesty!) has been saved in Rift by the ‘wardrobe’ option, so now I can have pretty/modest clothes equipped on the ‘wardrobe’ option and decent stat ones actually equipped. If that makes any sense!

    • Alq says:

      Oh, it makes total sense, and I’m very grateful they’ve sorted out a wardrobe option for exactly that reason. My current outfit will be my wardrobe one I think, as it’s so pretty, although someone’s offered to make me an even prettier one.

  2. Rem says:

    It was my rogue, actually. I don’t really have a mage.

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