Further adventures in learning to play for myself – the Night Off.

I was sat outside enjoying the sporadic sunshine this afternoon, trying to work out why I was feeling the way I was feeling when it hit me like a ton of mammoth from the top of one of ghost town Dalaran’s pinnacles.

I didn’t want to play anything at all tonight.

I’ve been playing an online game in one form or another regularly. If I’m not out doing something in the evening, chances are I’m playing. And that’s what I was going to do again. Except that I just couldn’t face it tonight. I realised that tonight, more than anything, I needed me time at home, out of game. To be able to just pootle around the house with no pressure to be online at a particular time.

So I emailed my usual partner in crime, explaining I wanted a night off, which he understood all too well. And I had a lazy but pleasant evening. I had a long bath, complete with bath bomb and old Storm Constantine book, I took my time cooking dinner and I made  jelly – which is great fun if you pour it into a clear glass, and then, when it’s set, you pour cream or evaporated milk on top and use your spoon to make pretty patterns in it as the cream/milk sinks into the spoon holes.  And I curled up under a duvet with Colt to watch the latest Star Trek film. Which I found highly enjoyable.

I can’t begin to say how enjoyable I found it. Or how silly I’ve been in not doing this every so often when I’ve needed it. Having said that, I hadn’t realised how much I DID need time out full stop until today.

I consider it another lesson learned in returning to play games for myself.


2 Responses to Further adventures in learning to play for myself – the Night Off.

  1. Pilfkin says:

    Oh, I know that feeling, and embracing it is by far the best way! You sound like you had a lovely evening, I hope you take time out when you need it and have many more 🙂

    • Alq says:

      I will, I really needed the breather, and I was feeling so much more refreshed after it. Here’s to many more – with wine and smiles!

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