Me? Melee?! Ding!

I didn’t think I’d ever see this happening. I stopped playing my Draenei death knight a while back, when I sort of dropped WoW for a bit. And then one Saturday evening, Colt casually mentioned that all the others in guild were on as their DKs I decided it would be fun to log in as Eir. Aside from the “Whoah, I’m scared!” reaction of a couple of guildies when they logged into a pure DK guild roster, I did a little research that night, and concentrated on my Frost dual wield spec, and got back into the swing of things, pleasantly surprised by the pretty little yellow numbers that were floating above the enemy. So I logged in as Eir a few more times and edged ever closer to that magic level 85.

We had a lot of signups for the raid tonight- which was fantastic news!  Colt made it, he’d signed up just before me. I didn’t. It didn’t worry me in the slightest, I figured I’d casually do some achievements, or level Eir up a bit more. Then I had a whisper from a lovely guildie with Alt-itis, asking me if I fancied going on a dungeon run or two. I was a little nervous. I’ve not felt good about melee, and I didn’t want to let her – or the guild name – down with derpy dps. I was also having a bit of a low confidence day. But I bit the bullet and said yes. She’d tank, she wanted the practice, and I could dps my little heart out.

So in we went, on a random normal, the Vortex Pinnacle,  that was okay for my 84th level, along with another lovely guildie, a pug dpser and a pug healer. And part way through, the pug dpser asked for recount. (Mine’s borked at the moment, and I’ve purposefully left it that way for a bit so I don’t get hung-up over it.) To my surprise, I was top.

We ran another, the Stonecore, and I enjoyed that too, desperately trying not to be too much of an aggro muppet, and feeling my way. I also had Splashdown playing in the background, and a relaxed couple of guildies with me. It felt really good.

Then we ran another. Our guildie tank opted to choose one manually for the better items and the better XP. We ended up in a normal Halls of Origination. And it was there that I dinged to 85th.Which led to the comment by one of the puggers “Grats – now I don’t have to ask why a level 84 is topping the dps!” I thought they were joking at the time. But it turns out no, I found out later that I was actually top of the dps. Which for me, who normally hates melee classes, is a HUGE thing.

Tonight surprised me in other ways. Not only did I remember what I should do for each boss – playing as heals is a completely different animal – but I also started to get used to watching out for adds, and had a proud moment when I spotted an add heading towards our healer, deathgripped it and thwapped it one.  These should be things I know at 85th, but I rarely group as melee dps, because I’ve simply not had the confidence. For the first time in my WoW life, I felt totally comfortable playing a melee dpser, and I relaxed into it all the way.

I came out with some upgrades, but mostly an upgrade in my confidence, and the realisation that I CAN play a melee class, and not do badly. This pleases me. I’ve yearned to do that for a while now, but it’s always eluded me. So I want to say a huge thanks to those two wonderful guildies who were with me – tonight meant a lot more than I can say. But if I could bake you two both cakes, believe me I would! And I’d deliver them with bottles/boxes of wine too!


5 Responses to Me? Melee?! Ding!

  1. Saga says:

    I’ve got a DK as well – and they sure can be a lot of fun! I’m glad you found your confidence in playing one, so you can enjoy some melee dps 🙂 (I’m normally a Warlock or Holy Paladin so I find a dps DK to be a nice change from time to time).

    I recently switched to Frost as well after only having been Unholy – it’s a lot of fun isn’t it? I can’t help it, I really enjoy the Frost dps!

    • Alq says:

      Thank you! Frost is indeed a lot of fun – I’m dual specced for blood too, but I’ve not concentrated on that for a while, I didn’t really get on with it for some reason. Maybe I should visit that again at some point, but for now, I’m going to keep my confidence rolling with frost.

  2. Rem says:

    Your issue with DKing has been that for a long time you’ve played yours alongside mine and kept comparing yourself to me. With that out of the way, not too surprising that you’ve come to enjoy it.

    • Alq says:

      I think it was more that I was trying to play a tank DK alongside you – plus that the quests really aren’t designed for 2 DKs to play alongside each other – they just do far too much damage for a mob to take more than a couple of hits. Playing solo for a few levels as dps really allowed me to get into the swing of a melee rotation, and get to grips with the various skills and develop a bit more confidence.

  3. Scraddog says:

    DK is actualy one of the classes we are missing in our 10man roster (mains wise anyhow)

    Havng the restiction of 2-3 melee does really put a downer on what you can take so utility and numbers start to play heavily into it.

    Melee becomes more ingrained into you the more you play it, the constant shuffle for best position, moving out of effects quickly all the time doing your rotation. Frosty DK’s are currently and have been in a comfortable place for damage output as it is not so gear related as for them it’s loads of small hits at high speed which is sort of how Fury Warriors should feel.

    If you are not raiding in a competative and progress environment and just out to have some fun then you couldn’t do much worse than our saying.. “the boss is dead we didn’t wipe jobs a good one”.

    For a lot of people there are some myths that melee dps is really really hard to get the top end but to play it at a level that will get you going and doing well enough in groups it’s not, the myth only comes into effect when you start comparing yourselves against the paragons of the world and the real top end players.

    I agree that two DK’s double teaming level appropriate content is serious overkill and at times one or the other is going to feel very meh and be thinking whats the point i’m not doing any sort of damage.

    Nice to see you trying somethng new and enjoying it as I always say “if you are not enjoying it why are you doing it?”

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