Something is rotten in the state of…

Uh yeah. In less than a month, we’ve had two incidents of checking up on  our guildies, worried about their real life safety.

Previous panic was the horrors of Norway. We have a couple of lovely Norweigians in our guild. And we were all worried about them. Thankfully they were both okay, as were their loved ones.

Last night was strange. Sat in Mumble, chatting to a guildie while we were both watching the BBC live coverage of the riots. I was pretty safe, we’re out of the way in Wales, though I have guildies and non-WoW friends (!) in London. I also have friends in Manchester and Birmingham and Bristol. And I was somewhat worried about the growth of the troubles. My fellow guildie could hear the sirens and the helicopters, it was somewhat closer to home for him.

Trade chat was filled with  a running commentary, a strange mishmash of fact, fiction and lolcomments. I recall one about the riots hitting a Greggs bakery shop, and someone wittily following up with an “at least their steak bakes will finally be hot”. It’s odd how you remember the little, stupid comments. I suspect it was light relief from the scenes I was watching, scenes that I’d have expected to see in a movie, not our capital city.

I got to bed at about 3am, the rioting was still going on, the fires were still burning. I felt like I was watching the end of the world – tiredness does that to you, I guess – and that zombies were going to be around the next corner.

Mostly I’ve been avoiding the political analyses, I don’t want to see it all boiled down to words, I don’t want to read about how it was coming, how the poor/rich divide has become so great, how pathetic politicians in power are, how cuts meant this. Bottom line is people were out there looting, burning, indiscriminately, burning down peoples’ houses,  peoples’ businesses. Damaging the people who are working hard in the communities that have been savaged by the riots.  My feelings are for those people, the ones who have tried to make a difference and putting in to the communities.

I don’t know what’s going to happen tonight. I don’t know if it’s going to kick off again, and if so where it’ll spark up, I don’t know if my friends and guildies out there are going to be okay. They’re all sensible folk,  and I’m pretty sure they will be, but it feels like senseless times at the moment and I can’t help worrying.

And it makes me wish I had a huge great real life Tranquility button that I could hit.








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