In which a crazy cat lady wonders just what makes a hero.

I’m currently “boring” our guild with regular updates about an itty bitty kitty that Colt rescued on Friday morning. Poor little thing had been dumped (along with her sibling who sadly didn’t make it) in the middle of a very busy road in rush hour traffic. Thanks to some other helpful folk, who provided him with a bag, a jumper and some antiseptic wipes when she bit him, he was able to stop – no mean feat on the road he was travelling – and scoop her up, and bring her home to us. We took her to the vet’s, got her checked out, and stitched up (she had a wound on her itty bitty bottom) and have been looking after her since. She’s beautiful and right now she’s almost constantly terrified. Although I did coax her into purring this afternoon, a major breakthrough considering she’d do nothing but hiss when we first approached her.

I can’t begin to say how proud I was of Colt. And all of my friends who have heard about what he did were proud of him too. Okay, it wasn’t saving the life of a human, or facing fire or anything notably medal-worthy by most standards, but he saw a creature in distress, and he stopped and did something.

He claimed that it was nothing, that he just did what he had to do. And over a cuppa we discussed the nature of being a “hero”. I pointed out to him that many, many others wouldn’t have stopped, would have worried about traffic, or being late from work, or, and this is most likely, thought “oh, someone else will sort it out”. And he didn’t. He acted on his values, basically didn’t think twice about it, but just did it.

That made me think. We play heroes each day, brave bold beings who save Azeroth. But am I a person who can do what needs to be done, and not let someone else sort it out? I don’t know. I’d like to think I could. I’m scared of pugging with strangers, and a whole lot of other things, including rejection. But if it came down to saving a life? I’d like to think so. I’d like to think I could step up and not drive on by.

I’d like to think that the majority of us are. And that Colt is indeed right. And I am wrong.




2 Responses to In which a crazy cat lady wonders just what makes a hero.

  1. Sephrenya says:

    Colt is a hero. What he did was a wonderful thing and you are continuing that by caring for little miss hissy fit 🙂

    I think given the right circumstances you would be a hero too. I don’t think that you can compare it to pugging with strangers – although I can bet that if (and when) you do and someone was in trouble you would help them, rather than laugh at them, or call them a noob.

    Hugs to you both and bravo for your kindness and love for itty bitty kitties 🙂

  2. Saga says:

    That’s a wonderful story, and Colt did a great thing. I can’t stand it when people mistreat animals, and dumping them in a busy street like that is just horrible.

    It reminds me of two articles I read in the newspaper recently. The first one almost made me cry, because it was so sweet. A company spent two days and something like 2-3000 euros in expenses to get a kitten out of a storm drain down in the sewers where it was stuck.

    Made me feel that there’s hope for humanity.

    Then just a couple of days later I read about some poor kitten who was dumped in the middle of a city, got itself lost onto the subway tracks and a couple asked the subway driver to wait with leaving the station so they could save it. He, however, said he couldn’t wait cause he “had to be on schedule” – and drove anyway.

    So horrible. Surely he’d just had to wait 5-10 mins while they coaxed the little thing out..

    It’s weird really, I can read about a lot of crap happening to humans and done to humans by other humans – but whenever I read about animals being treated badly I turn into a blubbering baby.

    In short, very well done, Colt – I’m sure the cat will find a great home with you guys 🙂

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