Thank you, Ultraxion!

Okay, so being hit hard by the Raid Attendance Boss thanks to Christmas and various other games that shall remain nameless, we were a bit late to the party on this. But…last night we secured our guild’s first kill of Ultraxion.

And it felt wonderful!

I’ve missed the feeling of having to work hard at a boss. Unlike most of our members, I’ve not braved the LFR yet, I’m working up to that. And I’ve not been running my full quota of heroics each week, so I’m currently only sporting two pieces of 397. I also didn’t expect to raid last night, I popped in at the last minute, so unlike the others, I’d not seen the Ultraxion fight first hand at all from the previous evening, I’d glanced briefly at Guild Mum’s healing tactics, but that was it. Not even had a chance to watch a vid.

Of course, this meant that I was completely bolloxed by the missing Big Purple Button. Which meant stupid deaths a few times. Yeah, I’d not updated Bartender, and the macro  I was given didn’t seem to work either so following a quick update to that and DBM, I got back on the horse, albeit muted, due to grumpiness and a quick bout of swearing,  and began work in earnest.

We were two healing it. We hadn’t been sure how much DPS we could hammer out, so we’d gone with the two-heal stratagy. Like I said, I’ve not been grinding my VP, so I was a bit nervous about how much healing I could put out. I knew it was DPS intensive, but I didn’t know how HPS intensive it was.


We’d started off with me on the green crystal initially, thinking it might be an idea, but in the end I grabbed the red, as my figures weren’t giving me enough. Red worked beautifully, and gave me considerably more healing clout than I’d expected. We had a couple of painfully close 0% wipes, and a few more not so painfully close wipes and then – typically on our last attempt of the evening! – he fell to much cheering.

And I realised just how much I’d needed that sort of evening. Most of the other bosses in this expansion have been pretty straightforward, no real raiding workout required. And for the first time in ages, we had to be on top form to defeat this one.  It felt like a true healing workout, and I appreciated that.  I’d forgotten how much I needed it, and it was an excellent reminder of why I opted to be healer on my main.









One Response to Thank you, Ultraxion!

  1. Morrigu says:

    It was great! I buzzed all night, which confused the hell out of Graham 🙂

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