“We have girls. They’re hot”

I don’t normally read trade chat unless I have a reason. Tonight we were looking for a few extras for a chance BH run, when I came across a guild recruiting in trade chat with this gem.

“We have girls” followed a bit later by the classic “They’re hot.”

My initial reaction was a disgusted “What? You’re using that as a selling point?” Our guild is quite female-centric, we’ve got a great base of great female players and we think nothing of it.  And frankly, in every single MMO I’ve played (all three, whoop), there has been a decent proportion of excellent female players in the guilds/kins whatever.

The more I thought about it, the more I inwardly screamed. This, exactly this attitude and its continuation is why we women in gaming have such a hard time of it. The advertising of a guild with girls in it implies that we’re rare creatures in the WoW  world, that women in gaming don’t really exist, and OMG this is SUCH a selling point.

But if we think about it logically the male/female ratio is roughly 1:1. Why shouldn’t there be such a split in gaming? Are we hiding ourselves because of this attitude and others like it? Are we actually helping to perpetrate that myth ourselves?

It’s a tricky one. And one to which I don’t have an answer. But one thing I do know for certain. Guilds who advertise themselves as “having girls” are going to be guilds that get no love from this tree.


7 Responses to “We have girls. They’re hot”

  1. Morrigu says:

    fIf I was one of the girls in that guild I’d be /gquitting on the spot. I’m a player, not a selling point.

  2. Saga says:

    I can’t help but think that a guild like that would have quite a few immature players (it’s nothing but immature to me to use that as a selling point). Not to mention an “ad” like that will attract other immature players. I don’t see a great future for them..

    The whole attitude of some players that women in WoW ar scarce is getting rather tired as well. We may not be 1:1 yet, but I’m quite sure we’re very close. Women often just don’t make a point about it (usually only your guild members find out), and the general assumption everyone always makes is that everyone’s male.

    If I do Heroics for example, I’m always assumed to be male unless I correct them (which admittedly I don’t nine times out of ten). So I think there are a lot more women than people realise, since they just assume everyone they play with is male.

    • Alq says:

      I have to admit to thinking much the same as you, regarding the immature attitude – and the future of the said guild too.

      Our guild has pretty much a 1:1, but unlike that other guild we’re easy going, mature where it matters, and respect is one of our keywords. Hence none of us have needed to make a point about being female. We take each other as we are. It’s pretty much the attitude we also take into heroics etc, and you’re right, I don’t tend to feel the need to say anything. I suspect the only time I might would be if I find anyone particularly offensive. And I probably would avoid getting into conflict with someone who had a “there’s no women in WoW attitude” furthering their belief. So yeah, the ratio of women does feel somewhat hidden.

  3. theerivs says:

    Can I get the name of the guild with the hot girls in it. I’m soo looking. 😉

  4. theerivs says:

    Remember Bah means No! 🙂

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