Six…six…six…the number of the beast…

Morrigu at Arsenic and Old Mooncloth tagged me.

This was my sixth image.

So, uh yeah. It’s the Grey Camel. I stumbled across my first ever camel figurine in Uldum a month or so ago, looted it, and was unbelieveably transported straight into a fight. Cue achievement, new mount and pretty uncommon title.

There was much squeeing.

I’m not a fan of tagging, instead I’ll leave it up to you as to whether you share your sixth image in your sixth subfolder (if you have one, this was the sixth in my only folder) of screenshots.



2 Responses to Six…six…six…the number of the beast…

  1. […] Morrigu tagged me in this little Meme….called Sixth.  Other’s are doing it too. […]

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