Things I’ve learned in LFR.

Don’t wait until everyone’s there before you pull. Don’t worry if you’re not the tank. You’re so epeentastic, it’ll all work out, even if he’s afk and has fallen asleep. Blame the healers when the dragons aren’t taunted down and the floor is being redecorated in lots of purple fire.

Internet disconnects. No, Internet really DOES disconnect. It’s perfectly reasonable to have many childish giggles about how Internet’s down too.

It’s also perfectly reasonable to have a protracted argument in raid chat about whether one of the mages has ninja-ed the shoulders he already has, even when he argues it’s for his offspec. It’s even more reasonable when the person arguing is one of the tanks and is highly obnoxious with it.

If in doubt, threaten someone with kicking. Always, always pin the blame on someone else, and whinge mightily about it loudly and publicly. If loot drops, whisper whoever wins it. Offer an exchange of loot. Offer useless loot for the class. If that doesn’t work, continue to be highly obnoxious. It won’t help, but it’ll make you feel better. And the person who won it, as they happily add you to their ignore list.

Don’t fall off the edge of the platform when fighting Deathwing. If someone falls off the platform when fighting Deathwing, don’t laugh at them.

It’s possible to get up mid-fight, remove cats from the room, lock the door firmly, return and continue dps-ing and still be in the top five.

Always remember that glyphs, enchanting and gems are optional – especially if you’re the tank. People who complain about this being otherwise are apparently “gay”.  80k is supposedly acceptable health for tanking, and yes, it will be argued.

Heroism should be used on the pull. Always. No matter what else happens afterwards. Heal at all times, even when nobody’s injured, to ensure you stay on top of the meters. Popping tranquility whenever it comes off cooldown is essential.

Tanks called Snugglepup are cool.

But, for me, most importantly it beats the hell out of grinding heroic after heroic. And going in with guildies is priceless.

Thanks to Theanorak and Coltoon for some of these reminders. Watch this space for more.


8 Responses to Things I’ve learned in LFR.

  1. Saga says:

    *lol* Good ones! I wanted to do a post like this myself after a few horrible ones, but made the mistake of not writing things down and I forgot most of it! Oops..

    Snugglepup is an awesome tank name! I once had a male tauren warrior named Fluffykins.. cause who wouldn’t want to be smashed in the face by that?

    What gets to me is when people don’t even want to trade loot, but try to BUY it off you! Apparently forgetting that they can’t trade money… or hoping that you’re stupid enough to trade without realising they’re not actually paying..

    • Alq says:

      Thank you! It needed to be done, the amount of giggleworthy moments in LFR deserved to be preserved.

      Snugglepup wasn’t only a great name, but a fantastic tank, to the extent that there was good communication and teamwork with the other tank, a guildie of ours, and they purposefully needed on the tank weapon that they already had, in order to pass it to our tank afterwards in case he didn’t win it.

      I hear you on people thinking others will be silly and pass loot over in exchange for money, or tokens they can’t use etc. It’s not THAT hard to win loot, especially now, when a lot of people regularly running LFRs already have most of it.

      One of my favourite games is silly name spotting in LFR, scanning the names when we first pop in. Although I must admit, I find myself healing with preferences then when I’m on my druid!

    • Alq says:

      Thank you! It was a very late night ramble, but I had to share!

      • Morrigu says:

        An one you may have missed… If people are jusitfiably calling another player out then if no one else stands up for him you should.

        This comes from the run I did yesterday and a tank dropped. He was replaced by a Ret Pally who didn’t switch spec. People called him out and he doesn’t respec. But all of a sudden one guy, not even on the same server, starts yelling that we should leave him alone. Might have had something to do with the fact he was trying to disagree with EVERYTHING a person of the same class said. Eventually the pally admitted his mistake and left, but his defender didn’t shut up. *sigh*

  2. Tanyanka says:

    Teehee, that made me giggle… So very true! I had the whiney kind today. Oh well… the ignore button is my friend… 🙂

  3. Scrad says:

    There is a part of me tempted to pop a sub onto my account and hit up a transfer to your server and do some stuff with you just for giggles factor.

    I don’t miss the LFG tool and always wondered if the LFR tool would be any better with peoples attitudes towards the game 😀

    your posts here do make me smile though 🙂

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