Can’t see the wood for the…DK?!

I hit a crisis point recently. Regarding healing.

For some reason I simply couldn’t face it any longer. I don’t know why or how the reluctance set in. Possibly it’s because it’s been pretty much all I’ve done in our guild in raids for a long time, possibly it’s because I finally became fed up of the meters telling me that while I was good, I wasn’t quite good enough for my own personal standards.  Even with the pesky meters out of the picture, I could still feel it. And while I love being a part of the team healz, I am constantly frustrated with the fact that I’m not quite reaching things as I should, and am not providing the best I can for Team Raidz.

In some respects, this is a silly way for me to think because I’ve consistently provided a dedicated healer for raiding.

Anyway, something happened. Alq’s resto charm slipped away, and Eir, the frosty dual- wielding little Draenei slowly worked her way into the fun space where Alq had been.  I realised it was time for a break from Resto, before it broke me. Luckily our guild is understanding and very supportive about things like this, and people stepped into the healing spot for me to try my hand at DK DPS on Monday.

Eir’s been on a few heroics, and some LFRs, and isn’t too badly kitted out now. She needed a replacement for her 346 offhand, which was swiftly remedied, and the tank belt which helped with ilevel has now been replaced with a 397, following some more LFR fun today. She went on a guild Spine and Madness outing on Monday too. I learned a lot from that and when I went into LFR today, I had far more confidence in what I was doing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got a lot of work to do, getting timings right, working out how to squeeze every last juicy drop of DPS out of this girl. But in the short time I’ve been playing her, I feel that I might actually become a better DK than I ever have been a resto druid.

And that feels very strange indeed.  But good strange, if you know what I mean.





2 Responses to Can’t see the wood for the…DK?!

  1. Tanyanka says:

    Yes, you’re silly about that thinking. 😉
    You know what I always say – the most important thing is, that you have fun playing. After all, it’s a hobby and you do it for pleasure. Sure, the teamplay is part of it – but we always figure out a way. And things do fall in place.
    Sometimes, I have to play Amber, or one of my other girls to realize again how much I love my hunter. 😉
    Enjoy playing Eir to the fullest and discover to aspects of the game. All is good. 🙂

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