I played a tank and I liked it – or how I popped my tanking cherry.

July 5, 2010

My little DK space goat girl is now level 73.  And I’ve been gagging to get her into an instance….but I’d not thought I was ready.  I’ve been levelling her alongside Rem’s own DK space goat and we’ve been having a blast with them.

But I’ve been yearning for that moment. That instance moment, when I get into the faces of the big bads, and call them names. And they hit the crap out of me, while everyone else is hitting the crap out of them. Just to see what it feels like. Quite frankly I’ve been gagging for that moment…..

So, last night, after aimlessly grinding for pets, and trying to figure out what I was going to do, and deciding I was finally going to log out, one of our lovely guildies who is there at the drop of a hat for everyone else, mentioned that she’d been queuing for a random instance for 40 minutes, and had just lost her place in the queue from a disconnect. It was silly o’clock. The chances of her having to wait another 40 minutes would be high.

I looked at her level. I thought. I looked at her level again, and asked her what it was for. Her 70th level she replied. They’d been running instances each day as soon as they could for the triumph badges, she told me.

“Are you waiting for a tank?” I asked, almost certain she was. She was.

So I girded my loins – because when you’re tanking, the last thing you want is for your trousers to fall down – and took a deep breath.

“I’ve got a potential DK tank. Level 73. ”

Deed done, I logged off Alq, and relogged onto my DK, feeling a bit guilty that I was going to get some serious XP and that my levelling partner wasn’t about for this. But at the same time, I was really excited and nervous about this potential first tanking outing for my little goat.

So I joined the party of her, her partner and a couple of randoms and they pressed the button. Utgarde Keep. I knew we weren’t going to be going somewhere scary, so figured I knew the place, and it would be a good training ground for me. Also it would be level 70s or so, and would be slow and careful.

Sherise knew it was my first time in an instance, my first time tanking “properly”, and was an absolute angel. I was shaking so much at the start with nerves that I’d let these lovely people down (and look a prat in front of two randoms!) that I completely forgot to set up target marks, so she gently did so, setting up the marks and we headed on. And right at the end she sent me one little guiding whisper, but that was it, that was all she did. Just the right amount of advice,  and being there for me.

I couldn’t have asked for anything better to introduce me to the world as a proper tank. *inserts huge huge hugs for Sherise and Dillbert*

There were no wipes, there were a few moments where I had to pull aggro back from our lovely mage (she’s going to be sooo good!), and I learned a lot from the experience. I had my eye on mana bars, checked that people were okay to go, and it felt scary at times, but it all felt SO DAMNED GOOD AND RIGHT!

Our healer was wonderful, as was the other random, both were easygoing and not bothered about my being a virgin tank. And I think I did a passable job of keeping the threat.

And thus my itch was very satisfyingly scratched, and I discovered another new love in the game. Tanking.

Watch this space……