Yeah, I know, long time no post…

I’ve been busy recently, with casual work, and two evenings a week taken up attending bellydance classes again. I’ve missed them  a great deal, and am having a great time learning to move in ways I didn’t think was possible. So I’ve not been doing as much in game as I should. I’ve achieved about 1/2 of the Frostbitten achieve on Eir though. And am packing 2 Souldrinkers, so it’s been pretty good.

And I’ve now got a proper part time job lined up too, in an area which I suspect I am truly going to enjoy.

But enough of me. I want to show some link love for a blog of a good friend of mine. It’s not a WoW blog, but it IS a gaming blog. Card and board games to be precise. And how he’s introducing them to his little girl. It’s a beautiful blog, and I’d heartily recommend it to gaming parents of youngsters, and as a shining example of some exceptional parenting. If you know of anyone who’ll really enjoy it, please do feel free to spread the word!

Training a gamer






2 Responses to Yeah, I know, long time no post…

  1. hopstodge says:

    Thanks for the shout out. Much appreciated. 🙂

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