Well, bugger me sideways!

June 16, 2010

It’s been that kind of night.

First thing that happened was we ran a hasty random heroic. Oh great, we think,  the Orifice as we have so fondly renamed it.  Meh, bah, let’s get this over and done with and get the cache and go home…and WHAT THE FUCK?!

Sat in the middle of my cache were the Reins. Yes. Those Reins. Sure, I’ve seen them drop before. Once. I think I forgot to breathe for a moment.

There will be pictures soon. But I’ve yet to think of a name for him. And I think Wotsit might be jealous. Maybe Einstein or….Freud….He deserves a thinker’s name, he’s not got that slack jawed Jamie expression. Suggestions on a postcard please….

And then….

With the server closing down at midnight, we were heart set on putting all our effort into Putricide tonight. We were finishing the raid an hour early, so people could run heroics afterwards, and as the time was getting closer  – we’d had a seriously tantalising down to 2% health moment earlier in the evening –  we went for the one more attempt….

…..and got the bugger!

Look out Arthas, your time will come sooner than you think.


Pains, trains and autoattacks….

March 27, 2010

I’ve been updating my CV recently. But I’m at a bit of a loss when it comes to the hobbies and interests part. Think about it. “I play online games”  just doesn’t cut it. It doesn’t describe the skill sets you have as a guild leader, officer, raid-leader, successful team player. It sort of translates into some geek thing, in which the person reading the CV has, up until that point, been considering employing you. Never mind that the skill sets you have are superb, that your team playing is outstanding. You’ve irrevocably landed into the stereotype geek player role. And that frustrates me, because you can get away with “I like socialising”  – even if this translates as “I likes getting pissed with my mates down the club onna Friday night, screaming at every passing stranger, throwing up on the corner and getting into a fight. Yeah, because that’s oh so much more socially acceptable and clever.

Yes. I’m bitter about this. I guess I’ll just have to be somewhat creative with my wording on that. But I do wish gaming would be seen as something more acceptable.

Personal gripes aside, it’s been an excellent week here in the forest. We took on Ulduar again. And I finally saw the train! I squeed. Lots. It’s a GLORIOUS raid,  I don’t care what anyone says. I personally love it.

Tuesday’s raid was a little low at first, we’d had a lot of highs recently with the guild, and I was half expecting us to have a bit of a failraid. But after we’d taken a ride on the train, one of the group suggested we go have a look at Mimiron. We’d done no reading up, it was getting late, we hadn’t planned on taking another boss on….but we decided to have a look….

The first look, well, we had our delicate little butts handed to us. Gift-wrapped and tied prettily with ribbon. The second….we came close. Close enough that we unanimously decided we were going back in, sitting up straight and giving him absolutely everything.

And he fell.

We felt proud. We left the raid there, uplifted, adrenalised, emotions rising high. It was an epic moment.

And today? Today ten of us spent the evening in the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj, mostly trying to take down that big blob of snot, Viscidus. It’s not an easy fight when there’s not that many hitting the crap out of him as he freezes. The two mages were pounding him down valiently, suffering white finger and wanker’s cramp, spamming the frost, while the rest of us tried batting him with everything we had melee wise. But the bugger just kept tantalizing us with almost shattering, and then returning to snotblob status. Finally, after a little thought, some haste food, and a very cool suggestion from one of the other druids, we shifted into cat forms and I autoattack hammered the hell out of it  – the damage didn’t matter, the number of hits did – and we got the bugger down. It was a matter of pride like you’ve not seen before. We were NOT being beaten by this thing. It was going down, as simple as that.

Although when it DID finally fall, the cheers over vent were as enthusiastic as if we’d downed Arthas himself…!

And it proved to me yet again just how useful a druid can be.